Educational Vacations  

Montserrat provides the ideal environment to experience evolution-in-the-making.

On this beautiful nature isle you will discover why Montserrat:

  • Provides the ideal classroom and laboratory for learning about volcanoes
  • Is a great place to study natural, “disaster management”
  • Is the ideal location for learning more about flora, fauna and tropical plants
  • Attracts under water enthusiast who rave about the spectacular reefs and remark that they are the world’s best kept secret
  • Offers unique opportunity to learn about a resilient people and the distinctive  Montserratian culture

Volcano escapades

A visit to the Montserrat is not complete without a trip to see the Soufriere Hills Volcano. There are a number of safe vantage points that the volcano can be admired from, including Jack Boy Hill, Garabaldi Hill and Richmond Hill.

Bird watching
Bird Watch

Bird watchers will have lots to enjoy in Montserrat. Montserrat has at least 132 different species, including the endemic Montserrat Oriole. For more information on birding in Montserrat and a birding list please click here.


Montserrat’s underwater world teems with spectacular marine life.
Water Adventure


Montserrat’s unique landscape, makes it ideal for nature lovers who want to explore the island by foot. There are numerous trails to suit your fitness level and physical ability.

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Hiking Adventure


Laze the day away on one of our pearly black sand beaches.

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